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15 years ago

Recording from open web application leads to failure in testing


I am testing TextComplete 7 currently.

I was recording actions from open web browser (simple search action from Google).

When I finished recording and ran the test it did not work. (Refer to attached screen shot)

I did not have a problem to record and test other window application, but web browser.

Could anyone let me know what is going on?


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    Main question:  How many copies of the browser were opened?  Or, if only one instance of the browser, how many tabs?  The aliases created during record are probably referencing a Sys.Process('iexplore') instance with an index of 1.  If, during playback, a second instance of the browser was opened or a second tab on the browser was opened, that changes the index on the windows process and makes the searches in the aliases unable to find the browser instance.

  • Hi,

    The problem is that the page object cannot be found, as the mapping criteria are incorrect. To find objects by their mapped names, TC uses values of identification properties. One of the properties used to map a web page is its URL. In your case, this means that during the playback, the URL of the currently opened page differs from that stored for the pageIgoogle mapped object. You need to modify the URL property value for this mapped object to make the value correspond to the URL of the currently opened page. For example, '*' (without quotes).

    Also, I recommend that you use the 'Ignore dynamic URL parameters' option in the future.