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5 years ago

regarding recording web application using test complete

while recording with test complete web application where in i need to enter username and password,its recording absolutely properly but on playback i am getting the error on the username textbox that "textbox username not identified".

  • The object does not exist error has nothing to do with whether or not it is mapped.  You're mapping is there... but the object itself either 


    a) doesn't exist YET in memory because the page still needs to render it or

    b) there are dynamic factors using in your mapping criteria so that, every time you run the automation the object has a different property value.


    a can be resolved by applying appropriate "wait" logic for the object before attempting to use it.

    b can be resolved by editing the mapping of the object and either adding wild-cards for the dynamic portions of the property or by choosing different properties as the identification criteria that don't have dynamic values.


    AS TanyaYatskovska mentioned, there are great tutorials in the help file and in videos available from SmartBear on how to do either of these.

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    Assuming that you did recording using default settings, can you:

    a) Provide a screenshot of the problem reported to the test log (with Additional Info pane been visible);

    b) Provide a screenshot of how username text box was defined in NameMapping; and

    c) What is the HTML markup for the username text box in your tested application?


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        Thanks for posting the file. For some reason, my Word doesn't show the images inside the file. Could you please attach them to the post?



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    Hi sakshi29,

    We have a great learning course where we explain how to handle the Object Not Found error. To avoid getting this error you need to debug your test. You can easily do this by following the steps from the course.