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8 months ago

Reading data from excel



I want to read data from a different cell each time my script runs.

I have created a variable and set its mode as LastOperationResult however it is reading the data from the same cell specified in the cell fields while creating the readexcel variable.

How can we achieve this?

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    Are you using keyword test? Are you referring to data driven testing? How are you reading the first cell?

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    You should put the variable under persistent project variables, if you +1 that one it saves it for next time.

    That variable is your row counter, then just select cells by using ""A "+ Project.Variables.Row" & ""B "+ Project.Variables.Row" etc.

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    if you're reading the rows one by one you could also do someting like this:

    It sets the variables to value by parameterized excelfile, sheetname, cell name: Cell A +rowcounter

    Its in VBScript so might not work exactly like this for you.