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4 years ago

Excel data source read by column

In the Data Source Options dialogue, settings, Start Row and End Row can be specified. However my data is a time series, from left to right column. Can a start and end column be configured as data source and if so, how is this done?


e.g. I want to get from column cell B2 to V2

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    Not sure that you can achieve this with DataSource, but yes you can write your custom code. In order to use Groovy Script you can use Groovy test step ad write your code no further installation is required as in ReadyAPI groovy Libraries are pre-installed.


    Let me know if you need more help


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      I wish to do this in order to validate cell content in the sheet (from left to right) against a JSON response. If it is possible to read the contents in for this, without the datasource step, that might be useful

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        Hey maxrussell,

        I didnt try and answer this post cos im not best placed to answer this....other people will know more than i do about this.
        ReadyAPI! Datasource steps use rows not columns right?
        I think you have a choice....use groovy step to source your spreadsheet data (rather than a Datasource step) OR, could you not use the transpose excel function when copying and pasting as this transposes vertical to horizontal and horizontal to vertical (so it transposes columns to rows and rows to columns)
        If you transpose you could then use the datasource step, right?