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3 years ago

Python Set function is not callable

Hello everyone,


I have been working on project A and using Python as a default language for a year. Now, I am having a problem when using Python Set function. I get the error message saying "The specified object is not callable".


I try to create a new project B and choose Python as a default language and the Python Set function works without any problem.


I go back and check the old project A and see the JavaScript is selected (weird, I don't know why). I change it back to Python, save, close and relaunch TestComplete; however, the Python Set function still not be able to run. 


Can anyone shed some light? I don't want to start over because the project A is big.


Thank you very much.

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  • you cannot change a projects language after its creation. 

    so even if you were to change it in settings, it actually wouldnt do anything.

    so if you see that js is selected for project a, it must mean that js was selected at the time of project a's creation (as tc does not have the functionality to switch languages for any give project).


    unless, you are 1000% sure that you have been working in python in project a, and have been running python scripts in project a (for over a year), and somehow in the last couple days/weeks/months it suddenly changed languages by itself, then i would suggest filing for a support ticket since that is a never before seen bug where a project changed scripting language.

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      Hi Justin,


      I am the Python guy and I am sure that I am coding the automation scripts using Python for over a year. I will file a support ticket to see if they can show me how to modify the project to bring back Python as the default language.