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4 years ago

Python disappeared after upgrade

Hi all!


Fairly new to TestComplete here. Just did an upgrade from an earlier version (but within the main version of 14). Sadly, my Python installation disappeared. Pointing everything to the new python (3.8.7) and ensuring all the former modules were installed (eg: requests), none of my scripts that depend on 'requests' are working anymore (haven't touched them; only did the "upgrade" that TC wanted to do. BTW, running the python above will find the module, just the IDE refuses to see it).


Thank you!



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    Custom Python modules that you manually moved into your TestComplete installation are deleted with every upgrade.



    Reference the specific Python modules in your TestComplete Python scripts by adding the following at the very top:

    import sys
    sys.path.append('{path}\{folder with modules}')
    import re
    import my_module


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    Try doing a Repair or just install and reinstall TC and see if that fixes it.


    FYI for the future - always always always backup before you upgrade.  If something like this happens, then you can go back to the old version while you are waiting on support for the new version.