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4 years ago

Python aqConvert.StrToInt not working: argument is not a number

Hi, I´m very new to TestComplete and trying a simple Keyword-test with the Windows calculator clicking 5 * 5 = 25. I run the test and converted the test to a Python script. All I´m trying to do is t...
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    4 years ago



    they are unicode characters, not showing up in the log-message.

    This is what I meant when thought "to check html markup on the page for the '25' value".

    The quick idea is to use regular expression. For example (untested regexp):

    if (aqObject.CompareProperty(value, BuiltIn.cmpMatches, '^[^0-9]*25[^0-9]*$', false, BuiltIn.lmNone))

      Log.Checkpoint('Value equals to 25');