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15 years ago

project suite memory


My project suite in test complete is consuming  44GB memory right now. This includes visualizers which consumes 22 GB out of 44GB. If I delete visualizers from project suite ,is it going to effect my scripts or any other ways to reduce the memory consumption.



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  • Hello Dhanu,

    Visualizer images do not affect script functionality. So, you can delete them.

    However, it looks like you are using the BMP format to store Visualizer images, and that is why, their size is huge. We recommend using the PNG format for this purpose. You can choose the format to use in the "Tools | Options... | Engines | General | Images" dialog.

    However, what parts of the project suite take the other 22 Gb of memory? If these are the execution results, the cause may be the same - the mentioned setting also affects the format of the images posted to the Test Log.