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11 years ago

Problems Using TestComplete


I am a beginner in using TestComplemte, I am performing an analysis tool, but was unable to add the apk to my project.

When using the mobile version of the tool was not carrying adding the apk in Testedapps, in steps of adding the apk after selecting the option "Intrument the application (recommended) then click the finish on the option" Sign you Android applicarion "TestComplet the" lock "and stops responding.

Is there any configuration required for proper operation?

Is there any way to make the identification of system components without adding the apk in Testedapps?

Note: Attached image of the screens mentioned above, also with version information TestComplete.

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    Hi Jeferson,


    On the problematic step, TestComplete is trying to instrument your application by using the default certificate.

    You can try the following:

    1. Use a user-defined certificate when adding the application to TestedApp

    2. Instrument your application in the Eclipse IDE. After this, you can explore objects inside your app in TestComplete's Object browser.


    Please read the following articles for more information:


  • Hi Tanya gorbunova,

    Thanks for your help.

    I'll be checking with the development team to make the application configuration according to the links you sent me.