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14 years ago

Problem with the script's compilation

I have a doubt. I
did some testing on a project in TestComplete and then tried to join it
to other scripts in a larger project to run all the tests together. But the compilation did not work out, the commands are to click elsewhere ... How can I solve this problem?

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  • Hi Ludmila,

    What exact problems/errors do you get? Exactly how did you unite your tests?

    I have an assumption that you created tests in two individual projects with their own Name Mapping schemes. When you added tests from one project to another, the tests failed since the Name Mapping scheme is different. If so, you can try merging the Name Mapping files from both projects.
  • Exactly. I created scripts in separate projects and then joined all the scripts in another project. How do I configure NameMapping?
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    Hi Ludmila,

    See the "Merging Name Mapping Files" help topic.
  • I read the topic "Merging Name Mapping Files" and follow the steps but the problem hasn't been resolved yet. I can't understand how to rename the NameMapping for that my tests rotates together. I'm sending attached the print screen NameMapping.

  • Hi Ludmila,

    The Sys object must be mapped by only two properties:

    Name: Sys

    Id: -1

    Remove all other properties from the Sys mapped name from all your projects and then merge the files again.

    PS. TestComplete 8 does allow changing the mapping criteria of the Sys object.