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9 months ago

Problem with sending an email using the aqUtils.Email.Send() method.

Hi, I attempted to send an email using aqUtils.Email.Send(). Below I have mentioned that the code


function OnLogError(Sender, LogParams)
 // Check if the error is related to a test case failure
 if ( LogParams.MessageText = "An unexpected window has appeared.")
   // Prepare email parameters
   var recipient = "";
   var subject = "Test Case Failed!";
   var body = "The following test case failed: " + LogParams.LogMessage;

   // Send the email using Office 365 SMTP server settings
   aqUtils.Email.Send("", 587, "your_office365_username", "your_office365_password", recipient, subject, body);

I get an error as "cannot read property 'send' of undefined."


Can somebody assist me in resolving the problem I'm having?

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