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9 years ago

Please make clear that TestComplete version 11.20 supports Firefox on the FF patch page


The patches page should make VERY clear that the most up-to-date versions of TestComplete are supported by your latest Firefox patches. 



Based on two other forum posts, I see that 11.20 does support up to Firefox 42 / 38.4:




Nothing on this page, at present, discusses TestComplete 11.20.



See attached screenshot for current state of the page.




Original post below.




From the Firefox patches page, I see that versions of Firefox up to 42 are supported. However, none of the patches listed apply to TestComplete version 11.20.


Does TestComplete version 11.20 support Firefox at all?

I don't want to upgrade from 11.11 to 11.20 if 11.20 doesn't support Firefox.

(I am using it for my current project.)


It's possible that 11.20 does support Firefox. That's not communicated to me anywhere, which makes the upgrade decision difficult.



  • Alex,


    Good catch.  I've made the request to get the patches page updated.