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8 years ago

Please add ability to search object browser or at least go directly to a known object name

OK, I know this has been requested for many years, but after just spending over an hour searching for an object that I'm pretty sure has to be there in the object browser and not finding it I'll bring it up again.


Can we please have a way to search for an object name in the object browser?  Yes, the node would have to be already expanded, and the search could even be limited to just that one node, or just a name filter with some wildcards within a node would be fine.


In my case I even know the exact object path, because I'm already using it in my scripts successfully.  That also means I know the object is there and accessible.  I just want to search for some other properties of it.  But the parent has hundreds of child objects, all listed in no particular order, and my aging eyes just aren't seeing it.  I also don't find any way of going directly to the properties of a known object.  And no, this object is NOT visible on screen.




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