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15 years ago

Objects not recognized


Objects thats appear in the UIWnd of the application I'm testing are not recognized by Test Complete.  Is there a workaround to get the objects recognized ?

Attached is an image of the object browser.

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  • Hi Divash,

    Most probably, these objects are not window objects and just drawn on the UIWnd window's canvas. You can try using one of the following features to get access to these objects: MSAA, UI Automation and Text Recognition.

    To do this, please double-click the project node in the 'Project Explorer' panel, switch to the 'Properties' page and then select the corresponding option group under the 'Open Applications' section in the project editor. Add the 'UIWnd' item to the list of accepted windows and then check whether TestComplete can see individual objects within the 'UIWnd' window after this.

    If this does not help, please post here an image of the 'UIWnd' window so I can see what kind of objects you want to work with.
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    Hi David,

     The objects that appear within the UIWnd are actually rendered by Direct3D or OpenGL. Hence, they appear as a bunch of colored pixels. As, u mentioned there are no windows. Well, are you aware of any method to recognize those pixels ?

  • Hi Divash,

    Objects drawn on the canvas are not GUI objects, and it is impossible to get them in a test. The only way you can work with this image is working with it as with an image. If you need to validate it, use the Region Checkpoint. More information on this feature can be found in the 'Region Checkpoints' help topic.

    If you need to perform any specific actions over drawn objects, please clarify exactly what actions you want to perform. Probably, I will be able to suggest something to you.