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3 years ago

Objects for "Applications" under "Windows accessories" list.

Hi team,

I need to get the objects for "applications" available under "Windows accessories" List.

Start -> Windows accessories -> Applications(objects needed for different applications available).

By using object spy method -  I am not able to get the  objects for Windows accessories option & also for applications available in the list. 

Kindly anyone Please help me (OR) suggest any method to get objects for my case. 


Thanks in advance team.

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      Hi vinniew 

      Thanks for your response.

      Yes - I am launching an application like:

      Start  -> Windows accessories -> Snipping tool(I need to open the snipping tool application).

      Like shown above - I need to follow the steps and have to launch the application.

      By using Point and Fix method - It is not detecting the "Windows accessories" option.


      Could you please suggest any alternate way to get objects - It would be very helpful for me.


      Thanks in advance

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        Hi bshiva8500 


        Ok now i understand. 


        When you say "get objects" thats why I suggested point and fix. 

        Now that I understand your issue here is how you solve it. 


        In your project you can add the repository "TestedApps" 


        This is mentioned in the documentation I have provided in my previous thread. 


        Rightclick>add new>select .net application and add the snippingtool.exe


        This will allow you to launch the snipping tool as tested application directly from TestComplete


        This will solve your issue, give it a try and let me know 🙂