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3 years ago

Objects Caching

Is there any property on an object to unclear the caching or mapping

as when I executed my script on old release it executed perfectly fine


but after the production deployment / push / new release my script did not find many objects like

textbox, dropdown list, grid cells etc.


I was thinking this might be due to 

"Test Complete caches mapped objects to speed up testing. When a test uses a mapped object for the first time, Test Complete remembers the matched object. When the mapped object is used next time TestComplete will use the cached object instead of searching for the object again.

since all caching was gone after deployment / refreshing the production instance the script has to remap the objects

and it ended up  throwing some warnings / errors saying objects not found


Can I use page.Refreshmapping, I am assuming all the objects under the page that got mapped gets refreshed 

if I use it on page, if not is there any property I could set under each object, so the objects get mapped everytime



Thank you