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3 years ago

Object spy on PowerBuilder app version 19 Classic

Hi, I need some advice. I don't know how to set TC to see all objects in the window. When I look at the object mapping using the "object spy" button (see picture 1) I can see only the window PBDW element (see picture 2). Setting up testcomplete and MSAA I followed the instructions (see picture 3).

Please advise me how to access the objects in the window.


The application is on Powerbuilder 19



Picture 1


Picture 2 (Highlight only window pbdw... )

Picture 3 (i tried also select * char for accepted windows .. )


Thank for your advice 🙂

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    Hi David, 


    When you launch PowerBuilder, are you letting TC launch it or are you launching it yourself?


    I find that letting TC launch the application may help with the visibility.

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      I tried to start the application via TC but the problem persists... ğŸ˜ž