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2 years ago

Object is not detected by TestComplete. Can it be made detectable?

Hi everyone, 

I am trying to understand why I can't detect and therefore map a particular object in my tested web application. Screenshot is attached of the element being inspected. Anyone know why it's not being detected by TestComplete/ How the developers could change it to make it detectable?




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      Good question and I have no idea, will have to ask the Devs and if it is the iFrame issue I will check out the link. 

      Thanks for the suggestion๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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      Just in relation to this point. The sibling element  


      span > span.rf-layout-row > span.rf-message-red.rf-cell-label.rf-column-label-xl


      can be detected by TestComplete. Would this be possible if there was an iFrame? I'm assuming both the siblings, including the undetectable one, would be affected by the iFrame. So if one is detectable and one not does that indicate that there is no  iFrame, and something else is the issue?

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        Hi Thomas 


        Sorry for the delay. 

        In order to access the iframe content we would need to run the browser in a certain way ie disabling web security etc


        Thats all mentioned in the doc. 


        However, if a sibling object is accessible it may not be a frame issue.  


        I would recommend engaging with our support team



        Feel free to message me privately the case number. 


        If its possible for me to replicate on my machine it would be great