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12 years ago

No documentation for certain Methods


I'm writing to ask why there is no documentation for certain functions that i can see in object spy, like get_Expander(), GetDXExpander(). There are many more function for which i cant find info about, is there any reason why there is no documentation for this methods?

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hello Wojciech,

    The reason is simple - these are not TestComplete's methods and functions. TestComplete adds a great number of program objects and extended methods and properties that facilitate testing. In the Object Browser and Object Spy, they are listed in the Standard and Extended categories. These objects, methods and properties are part of TestComplete and are described in our documentation. 

    But what is more important for white-box testing, TestComplete can get access to applications' internal objects, methods and properties. That is, to the objects, properties and methods that are defined by the developers in the application's source code, or provided by IDEs, frameworks, APIs, and so on.  In the Object Browser and Object Spy, internal methods are listed in their own categories: .NET, Java, Visual Basic, Delphi, Flex and other.  To get information about internal objects, methods and properties, refer to documentation of the respective IDE, framework, API, or ask the application developers.

    Regards. Artem. Documentation Team.