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8 months ago

New ID Based Licensing Questions...

Hello folks, I have some questions regarding switching from Key Based Licenses to the new ID Based licenses.... my apologies up front for what may be only my confusion, lol.


Simply put.  We currently have "X" number of Key Based License for "Y" number of machines.  We would like to begin to switch to the ID-Based Licenses.  Of course in doing this, we want to do it first with one machine. 


Currently we have one person who has been our License Administrator for the Key Based licenses (Person "ABC" for this question).


I am trying to see a simplified (if possible) set of steps to try and get a system (Y1) converted from Key Based to the new ID Based?


Looking at docs etc, it seems that someone with Admin role for new ID based has to assign the ID based Licenses to users.  Sounds simple enough... But...

"our" current Key Based admin person does not seem to have that "feature" in the logged in environment(?) ... sooooo, do they first have to create a new ID-Based account?  They went and tried, and seemed to have been placed into a "Trial" License mode(?)... so, they canceled out of that.  


All in all, my apologies. but I'm sure it's something we may be doing out of sequence etc?


Again, goal is to simply convert ONE system from older Key Based License, to the new ID Based.


Any idea what the simple steps would be?


I had initially thought our Key Based Admin would simply login and take an existing License and Assign New ID Based to a User (like myself) and when they log in would be prompted once to enter there new ID Based Login (that they would have created for the ID Based) ... and maybe it is that simple, but as of this moment, our Key Based Admin see's no option to become ID Based Admin (for lack of a better term, Lol)


Anyways, if someone who has successfully pulled this off already, has simple steps, that would be helpful for at least me/us, an maybe others.


Either way, thanks folks.










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