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3 years ago

network suite port numbers following a version upgrade getting reset

I realize NetworkSuite has been deprecated but I still like using it. after having become a testcomplete user a few months ago, i just went through my first install of a new release and suddenly my network suite jobs were failing because of an invalid address error, i figured out that it was because the port definitions (under Tools->Options->Engines->NetworkSuite) on both my testcomplete and the testexecute on my VM had been reset to the default values of 6105, 6106 and 6107. Why does the TestComplete install process set these ports to these values when every smartbear web page that refers to using ports (creating inbound and outbound rules, etc) say to use ports 6095, 6096 and 6097?  Can someone please make that adjustment so that the right ports are the default when the product is installed/upgraded? thanks!