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8 years ago

Need brief notes when minor point releases are done

We have TestComplete 12.10.590 which was released not too long ago. The "check updates" option showed no new updates available.


However, the customer portal shows that a point release was made a week ago - version 12.10.602 - which I have installed.

The "what's new" documentation is identical to the 12.10.590 release.


I have 3 related requests:


1. The "check updates" feature should highlight this situation. Perhaps show the current version and the available version ?


2. On the customer portal, there should be a link next to each product and version that displays the "what's new" documentation so that we can decide whether to download and install the update.


3. For minor point releases, an abbreviated note mentioning what's changed would be appreciated if the full "what's new" documentation is not available.


Appreciate if others can chime in on this.





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