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5 years ago

navigation with Keys()

I need to navigate backwards, in desktop this is comboBox.Keys("![Tab]")

I see it navigates to it. But I'm unable to click it or work on it:

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'Click'

How can I make this object active?, it is missing name, So I need to navigate with Keys() or Click()




  • TC do not tell anything. the portion over was written in TC using python. The issue is that I navigate correctly to the correct combobox, but if I click it or press enter, the actions comes on the below combobox.


    >> Accessibility Insight gives this complain

    >I think this is absolutely irrelevant to TestComplete.

    I just tells that the combobox has an inaccessible element due to missing names. I will ask the developer to add a name to the focus point. This will fix it.



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      It chooses a combobox, but since the fist focuspoint is missing a name, I need to press ![Tab][Enter], I see it marks the correct element, but when it presses enter, it gives dropdown of the 2nd line.

      app = Aliases.ConfigurationApplication.HwndSource_MainWindow
      ComboBox = app.MainWindow.TabControl2.TabControlConfig.ItemsControl.ComboboxOperatorCardReader
      ComboBox = ComboBox.Keys("![Tab][Enter]")

      I do not get any errors in TC, but Accessibility Insight gives this complain:


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        Considering that we are in the Desktop section of Community, what IDE/language is your tested application created with?

        And could you please describe the problem with more details as I am not sure that I understand what do you expect to get and what actually test script ends with?


        > Accessibility Insight gives this complain

        I think this is absolutely irrelevant to TestComplete.


        P.S. Is combobox recognized by TestComplete? Can you see the content of combobox (list of items) in the Object Browser?