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13 years ago

NameMapping IE "Message from webpage" problems

Im trying to map a popup window that displays in IE and i can map it fine but after i complete the mapping i loose access to underlying object ["Sys"]["iexplore"]["dlgMessageFromWebpage"]

The 'Cancel' button that im ultimately try to automate is the click event on Aliases["iexplore"]["Window"]("#32770", "Message from webpage", 1)["Window"]("Button", "Cancel", 2)

But as stated above i loose access to underlying object ["Sys"]["iexplore"]["dlgMessageFromWebpage"]. I have tried adding more property references to the mapping and have no success. Is there a problem with mapping this type of popup message?

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Matt,

    The security restrictions of Internet Explorer can cause problems when automating pop-ups and dialogs in this browser. At that, the behavior depends on the IE version, OS version and bitness. Try adding a small delay (about 300 milliseconds) prior to simulating actions over the dialog. This can help in some cases.