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10 years ago

NameMapping : Manual creation

Hello everyone,


I'm pretty new on TestComplete.


I search in the forum with some keyword but I found nothing.


I have a little problem.


I have a listview with 60+ listviewItem (they have all the same pattern).

I have to map all of them.

But, their hierarchy is a bit complex (plenty of ContentPresenter/StackPanel/etc) and the fields I need can be identified by the properties : NativeClrObject.Name (in coordination with the developers for the uniqueness of this value depending on the field).


So, I dont want to map all this items (and map the child items) from the object Browser.


I just want to replicate the 1st Item and change the properties for the others (WPFControlOrdinalNo, from 1 to 60).

It is possible to do it manually or I must necessarily use the Object Browser (and for the 60 Items, It will take me about 45min of repetitive tasks) ?


Moreover, I have a dozen lists with the same problem.


So, if create/replicate the 1st item is not possible, what is the best way to do it ?


Many thanks.




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  • If the items/sub-items are not static, then there would be no value added by attemtping to map the ListView items. I would suggest you map the parent ListView then write code to iterate the items/sub items of the control (take a look at the Working With List View Controls support article). 


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      Indeed, after more research and investigation, it's impossible to add/deleted MappedObject manually in the tree.


      We have to map with object browser ...


      Very painfull when I just want to replicate the mapping for an another application (the both can run at the same time so I need a copy).


      I edit with an editor the nameMapping file and I see the Xml structure. I see that all elements have unique key (generate when we map the object).