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6 years ago

Name mapping is slooooowwwww

Last week, the name mapping operation, adding objects to the name mapping has become painfully slow. Has anyone seen this before? I can't think of anything that has changed. The app is the same. TC h...
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    6 years ago

    Apparently, they are aware of git issues now. Reply to my case


    Our R&D team investigated the issue, and it seems that the Git integration causes the issue.

    When new files are added during the recording, there is the setting that will automatically add them to the repository. So, let's disable that option and check if this improves the situation. To do that, go to "Tools | Options | Source Control | Bind new items to SCC automatically." Then, disable the "Bind new items to SCC automatically" option and try running TestComplete again. 


    Turning this option off solved the slow name mapping. I am unclear what features I am losing. If I don't use the source control ui through Test Complete, I am guessing not much.