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3 years ago

Mobile testing - VisibleOnScreen property


I am still new to the TestComplete. I'm in a process of scripting a test for our mobile application and it's been working relatively well up to this point. I am stuck on one of the screens of our application where there are several checkboxes and some of them need to be selected. All of them are mapped and show as mapped when I use the object spy. The checkboxes also show the VisibleOnScreen property as true in the object spy, but when I run the script and check the value of the VisibleOnScreen for the same elements the property is set to false. I cant click()/touch() them. 

I had this working on another screen with checkboxes without any issues. For what it's worth the checkboxes seem to be reused on more than one screen (based on the mapped name). They work on one screen but not the other. Any ideas? 


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