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6 years ago

Message "Field is required" appears during Test Run

Dear Friends!


I am facing the issue during test run of the web application. When save button is pressed, the "field required validator" gets applied on the two fields (text boxes) despite that the values in these fields are already available. Please see the attached snap "02 - Test Run - Field Required Issue Faced".


However, we do not face as such issue during test recording and data gets saved successfully. Please see the attached snap "01- Test Recording - No Issue Faced"


Anyone can help me that why does it happen? Please note that we use angular JS and devex controls in the application and we are using browser Internet Explorer Version 11 (we have already applied recommended browser related changes as descripbed by smarbear and further, we use trial version of the testcomplete).



Best Regards,

Muhammad Shamsher Khan

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    Here's my best guess:


    When you're filling the data into those fields, you're using the "SetText" method on the component to set the text value rather than "Keys".  Sometimes, in applications, there's an "OnExit" event that fires upon exiting the field that triggers other code.  MOST of the time, the SetText method works fine with this but there are few occasions where this kind of problem happens.

    Try changing to use "Keys" instead of "SetText".  If that still doesn't work, add a "[Tab]" character at the end of the Keys string to tab to the next field to trigger that OnExit event.