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5 years ago

Menu item is recognized as the whole panel and therefore I have difficulties clicking the correct po

Hi, We develop an app that has menu items (File,Home,Insert,Settings,View,Help) when using the object spy to identify all menu items except from the File one it'll identify them all properly markin...
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    5 years ago

    Hi TanyaYatskovska 


    Yes it was resolved by using this way:

    1. Open the Object Spy and try recognizing the File tab. You will get some other parent object.
    2. Take the value of the property ClrFullClassName of this object.
    3. Navigate to Tools -> Current Project Properties -> Open Applications -> WPF.
    4. Add a new row to the Composite Objects list and paste the ClrFullClassName value there. Enable this new row.
    5. Try recognizing the File tab again.
    6. Repeat the above steps until you get to the File tab.