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12 years ago

measuring performance to open / create objects

Hi all,

I have to implement a performance-test, that opens and creates data-objects and calculates the time needed to open / create them.

I have to measure the time like this:

1) create object

- start: click on (context) menu entry "new"

- end: a letter is written into a field of the new object

2) open object

- start: doubleclick on the object in a list

- end: a letter is written into a field of the new object

I cannot take the visibility of the new object as the final point for the measurement as the object is still changing a bit after it is visible (the software fakes to be faster).

I am open to all kind of tips or links how this can be done the best way.

Thanks a lot.


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  • Hi Joachim,

    I've seen a video tutorial on the website that explains how to catch memory leaks, which could be useful on seeing how much CPU / Memory an action takes.

    What is your definition of performance testing?
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    I need to know the time to open / create an object (= some user form). Time has to be measured from clicking on the command to open / create the form (Button "new" / doubleclick in list) until the first character can be entered in some field of the form.

    cpu and memory usage in this case is not of interest.

    best regards,

  • Here is the test I just made for my program to attempt to help you. Unfortunately, the aqDateTime object rounds seconds... So each individual result will be rounded down.. IE, doesn't make a difference if the time is 12:00:00 vs 12:00:00.0001 or 12:00:00.9999...

    function timeTest()


    var javaw;

    var sessionWorkspace;

    var internalSessionFrameProxy;

    var stationTreeTable;

    var timeBeforeClick;

    var timeAfterClick;

    var timeDifference;

    var totalTime = 0;

    javaw = Aliases.javaw;

    for(var i = 0; i < 3; i++)


    sessionWorkspace = javaw.frame02.RootPane.null_layeredPane.null_contentPane.C3C.SessionWorkspace;

    //Time before the action

    timeBeforeClick =

    // The Action

    sessionWorkspace.InternalSessionFrameProxy3.RootPane.null_layeredPane.null_contentPane.StationBrowserPanel.TreeExplorer.SplitPane.Panel1.StationTablePanel.Panel.ScrollPane.Viewport.StationTablePanel_StationTable.DblClickCell(0, "Description");

    internalSessionFrameProxy = sessionWorkspace.InternalSessionFrameProxy5;

    // Create object and wait for response.

    stationTreeTable = internalSessionFrameProxy.RootPane.null_layeredPane.null_contentPane.NavigableStationEditorController.Panel.Panel.DMS100StationEditorPanel.SplitPane.Panel.DnDTabbedPane.Panel.SplitPane.Panel.ScrollPane.Viewport.StationTreeTable;

    //Check time after response

    timeAfterClick =

    timeDifference = timeAfterClick - timeBeforeClick;

    stationTreeTable.ClickCell(1, "Value");

    stationTreeTable.TextField.Keys("time " + i);




    totalTime = totalTime + timeDifference;


    var averageTime = totalTime/i;

    Log.Message("The average run time out of " + i + " runs is " + averageTime);


    Hope that helps!!

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    Hi Sean,

    thanks for your help, but rounding to seconds is not an option.

    I found a possibility with using new Date().getTime().

    Best regards,