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9 years ago

Manually creating image comparsion mask

Hello, i followed the instructions here but when i try to load the created mask (monochrome bitmap created with paint) a error message ("no black/white image" as you can see on the attached screensh...
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    9 years ago

    Okay, i found out how it should be created but its a bit strange.

    At first i make a new image, then i click on the edit button and paint will open the image. I fill a area with white and the rest with black. Now i have to save it as monochrome bitmap (2 colors). At this point i guess the mask should work - but thats not so - the error from above appears. I have to click a secound time on the edit button and now the image is opened with - i save it again as .bmp (256 colors) - and now it works as a mask. 


    It´s a bit strange and i dont understand these steps - but it works.


    Maybe someone can help me figuring out whats happening there, and i or we can make a feature request to make the manual mask creation easier.