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4 months ago

Maintenance of name mapping images

Hi there,


I would like to ask around for suggestions about how to maintain the name mapping images.

Our UI is quite complex and has hundreds/thousands of elements. The name mapping images are useful for consulting at the time of scripting autotests.


However, we don't want to maintain an image database in our code, it's too big. I also prefer to integrate our TestComplete project in our codebase so that both our product and tests are synchronized.


I was wondering, is there any way of regenerating the name mapping image database on command? How do you approach this problem?

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    Within my Project Suite, I have a common project, which has functions and name mappings defined. I have images for the side menu navigation and toolbar - it's a web application. When developing, the team uses the common project, and can refer to either the name mappings or images. Any new projects, we don't store images in our repository, as this becomes to huge. It's helpful when debugging on their local machines, but is not required for the project suite. Name mappings are named appropriately and it's a decision we've made not to store images.