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4 years ago

Long delay after first code line in function



I have encountered issue in our project where there is a long delay after first line of code is executed in TestComplete.


A very simple example is here:

function ble()
Log.Message("Ble")     - 


And the following result:

What could be the reason there is 10 seconds difference after first line ?  I know that TC runs trough whole project code and checks all files but that is happening before first Log.Message. Our project is quite large and went trough some version upgrades, however I cannot pinpoint when it started happening.


Time between events is set to 5 ms. If I create a new, empty project then there is no delay.



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    4 years ago

    Thank you for the reply. It wasn't the events but later I found out it was because of the performance counters for CPU and memory.

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