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3 years ago

List of real addresses based on state and city?

Does anyone know of a good random address generator or list for a given City and State to be used in of course a QA/Test only environment?

The addresses would have to be legit as the application under test would be validating a real address as part of the test.


Anyways, just thought I'd check and see if anyone has used anything like that or how they resolved this issue...


Thanks either way.





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    Somewhere in time we just had such a list with several records in it and used these values in our test.

    It worked for us because application allowed duplicated addresses.

    If your tested application does not allow duplicated addresses, as a possible option, you may consider API Virtualization from ReadyAPI ( and create virtual service that will substitute the real one for your tests and confirm provided address regardless of whether it is real or not.


  • Once again, thank you both so much for your suggestions... I am checking things out now, you have given me some good ideas... I may try the "add 1 to a real address and use it for the test" as that may be the easiest to implement at this time and it may just work fine and dandy... yes, they do have to be real addresses as the app will validate same... so adding "1" to a street number may give me plenty as I only process about 20 a day/night.... all that to say, thank you bot - will check further into these and see which one I adapt.  Great suggestions from you folks.  Have a great day.


                         Ron F.


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      Hi Ron,


      A few questions:

      1. What states are you needing the information generated?  Or is that not important?

      2. What language do you use for TestComplete? 

      3. Are you familiar with REST Services?


      I created a random address query tool that leverages parcel Feature REST servers, which might be provided at a state, county, city, municipality, university, etc. level depending on the state.  Currently, I have coded it in Javascript/jscript.   


      Attached is a demo video of the address generator for Florida and North Carolina.



  • Hello Marsha and Alex, thank you for the replies and suggestions, I will check into these.  And yes, they would need to be different each time I run the test as the app does indeed behave differently for duplicate addresses.  So what I'll need is to be able to generate an address, that has not been used by my script, for a given state and city upon request.  Each time the tests are executed.  Has to be valid address, but different each time I run and I need to be able to either generate a list that I can farm the data from or create/poll on the fly, and use for a test, then the next time I run, again would need another valid address for that State and City.  I'll need to specify State and City (as the test will only deal with a few certain states and cities), and will need to pull :  State, City, Street, and Zip.


      Thanks again.


                       Ron F.


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      In this circumstance, I might create a list and then have a routine at the top of the test that just changes the house numbers by 1, so 10000 Main Street changes to 10001 Main Street, etc.  That would be enough to make the addresses unique.  Would it work to validate against this list as "real" or do you need actual exists-for-the-post-office real addresses?

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      To add to Marsha:

      I still think that the possible solution depends on the details that we don't know.

      For example, if your tests are executed using clean target database every time and the amount of tests that require addresses is not big, then you may create a list with dozen or two of real addresses taken from, say, Google maps and reuse this list for your testing.

      Alternatively, if your tests are executed against the same database and validation service requires real existing addresses, than I would consider ReadyAPI Virtualization. It will require some efforts to be set up, but after that can be used instead of real validation service and you will be able to feed it with any combination of state, city, street and zip (generated using means provided by TestComplete) and imitate passed or failed validation.

      Probably other options are possible depending on those additional details about your tested application.