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11 months ago

Limitations of multithreading in TestComplete?

Hi there,


I am wondering about the limitations of multithreading in TestComplete.


As an example, I have a thread in my script test (Python) that presses keys every X seconds. The keys can change depending on the application state. This thread should be active indefinitely until the test has been completed.


However, stopping the test prematurely seems to not terminate the thread execution and freezes the application.


So here are my questions:

1) Can I add Log entries on a secondary thread?

2) Can I issue key presses on a secondary thread?

3) Can I access the NameMapping objects, to check if they exist for example?

4) How can I ensure the threads are not executing after stopping/completing a test?

5) What other limitations/options do I have?


If you can point to me somewhere where I can find information regarding multithreading and TestComplete, I would be very grateful.