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8 years ago

Namemapping Limit ?

Is there a limit to the size of the namemapping file as we are now encountering problems loading the project in our VM. The project in whole is about 400mb in size but when opening the project on the VM it gives a memory warning as the RAM runs very high and it is only a 32bit VM however we also get a similar error on our server based VM however it comes with the memory error but then loads the project. The server based VM is 64bit and has plenty of resources to cope with loading the project.

We have recently run a desktop version trial alongside our web version but now the trial is up we get this issue. We didn't however map or use it on our main project which is where we are having the issues.

Could the desktop version have changed any configuration when activated. The project takes a long time to load also however it is quite large.
  • Try set 'Store all Code Completion data' option to other state. It will reduce NameMapping file size.

    The option is located in NameMapping editor.

  • Vec84 if you are asking about changing the setting that Bobik mentioned, no this will not impact your actual object map.


    The 'store code completion information' setting controls what property and method data is stored with each mapped object.


    here is a link to the support article detailing this setting:


    my team had a similar issue a couple years back--it began to take longer and longer to open our main project.

    we discovered that it was due to the fact that we had this option set to 'store full code completion data' which caused our namemap file to grow to over 2GB in size.

    after changing the setting to 'do not store code completion data' the file size shrunk to ~3MB.


    storing the code completion data would be useful in cases where you may not have access to the application under test at all times, and so then you would want to store all the object information you can while you do have access to it--so that later when it is not available you can still do work on your tests.


    hope this helps.



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    Try set 'Store all Code Completion data' option to other state. It will reduce NameMapping file size.

    The option is located in NameMapping editor.

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    Thanks Bobik, I will give this a try today.
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      Actually namemapping file is a kind of XML file. It shoud not take a lot off hard disc space.

      E.g. one of our projects has about 4500 elements in NameMapping repository and it has the size of 1600 KB.

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        Thanks for the information.


        Will changing the way the namemapping is stored affect any of my tests and will it require me to remap objects in my test .



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    Thank you for this Dbattaglia.

    We always have access to the AUT so there would be no need to store this...our namemapping was roughly 400mb and is taking quite long to load and also causing issues loading on a VM as it is 32 bit.
    Learn something new everyday I use this software but such a great tool.

    Thanks again all.