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8 years ago

Lettuce RunRoutine Result

Hi All,   I am following the tutorial for Lettuce BDD and have the issue in generating the Result summary.   I am aware of theTC.Integration.RunRoutineEx COM example to get the results.   Is ther...
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    8 years ago

    Hello, vikram_u_k!


    I am glad that you find this article useful. But as I can see, you use Cucumber, not Lettuce. So, if you did not see an article about Cucumber, you can find it here: "BDD: Cucumber + TestComplete".


    As for your question, yes, it is possible to return results from TestComplete to your test step. Just add the return statement to your TestComplete routine:



    function StepName()
    { // ... if (expectedResult) { return true; } else
    { return false; }

    I hope this information will help you solve the problem.