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6 years ago

Test Results

I have a script which calls a lot of tests from other scripts, lets call this a master script. I have around 8 master scripts which can contain anywhere from 20 to 80 individual tests. I have distributed testing set up and I have my different master scripts as my tasks so instead of having to call loads and loads of tasks per job I just need to call the one master script for that particular job. 

The problem is my results dont reflect the amount of tests actually ran. Since I only run 8 master scripts thats all it says actually ran, instead of the 200+ it should say. Is there any setting or way to have my results display the actual number of tests ran without having to have a load of tasks in each jobs in place of a master script?

The first image is what our results look like and the second is a small example of what I mean by master script where its one script calling all related tests.

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    The log summary you see gives the report on TestItems... these are individual items set up in a project for execution.  They do NOT equate to actual tests. Notice that even the summary makes the distinction of calling them "test items", not individual tests.  

    If you want to see a "number of tests run", you'll have to write a custom output of some sort, especially since you're tests are not the same as test items.  Our automation is driven from SQL and, after each test we write a record to an SQL table indicating pass or fail of the specific test.

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      Thanks, I will wait for this feature to exit beta but it sounds like exactly what I will need.