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12 years ago

Keys Method

Hi Smartbear team

I have a one small question.

In one field in my exe i want to write the word in armenian phonetic ansi.

I write VBObject("fielname").keys("Þ»Ýù") but the first letter testcomplete types "?" but the others 3 letters types noramlly. What to do avoid this problem

(except for changing the word :)   )

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    Hi Tanya

    My application is not UniCode. I write "Armenian Phonetic ANSI".

    I observe when the first letter of word is a symbol (Armenian letters quantity is 39 and we use the numbers and symbols such as \, =, and so on ) begin with them testcompete types the first letter not right usually ?, but the letters after that, tescomplete types normally.

    Sorry for bad explanation(English is not my native language)