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2 years ago

Jenkins + TestComplete



We are trying to integrate TestComplete in Jenkins in order to run a java desktop application.


After launching the Pipeline, TestComplete run the tested application successfully by executing a start.bat file that the path is specified before.


The problem is that TestComplete cannot exceed this step because it can't have the control of the tested application, it seems that it don't recognise any object, although it recognises them well when launched locally.


Is there an issue to resolve that problem ? 

Is there a solution to propose for us quickly please? 


Thanks in advance 



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  • Hi sonia1 , could you post an error log perhaps? That may give some more context.

  • If you try to launch your tests with testexecute via jenkins also compare the settings of testexecute with the settings of your testcomplete because they can be different. E.g. "Search for visible objects first..."


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      Thank you for your response, 


      We are not using TestExecute, but TestComplete instead.


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    Ensure the credentials that are used to launch the batch file from Jenkins has appropriate permissions and that the agent/service is correctly set up. Also, you need to have an active session open i.e. the computer must not be locked.


    See Integration With Jenkins

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    To summarise the current situation:

    TestComplete behaviour is OK and functional on the normal cession

    Switching to admin cession makes TestComplete not recognise any objects in the tested application, as if it is new to it

    Have you an idea of what it ca be ?