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7 years ago

JavaFX Table View - "The skin associated with the table row is not supported."

First time attempting to automate anything JavaFX related. Everything has been working great so far with other controls in the application.


Having an issue with a custom table in our application though that extends the JavaFX Table View. 


Finding the table, works just fine. Even recording clicks against the table works and picks up row number and column name to use.


However, any attempt to click against cells during play back errors with the following:


Unable to perform a click on the list view item.


Additional Information

The skin associated with the table row is not supported.

Tested object:


Code in question: 


function Test1() {
  var itemTable;
  itemTable =;
  itemTable.ClickCell(1, "Item");
  itemTable.ClickCell(1, "Line");

Has anyone seen anything similar to this before? Been beating my head against the desk all day trying to figure something out. 


It looks like I actually get this same error even trying to do: 


function Test1() {
  var itemTable;
  itemTable =;

Note: I did have to add the class name of our table class to pick up the internals of the table. 

  • Hi Carson,


    It looks like you created support case #00274372. We will continue working with you on this issue within this case.

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