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2 years ago

Issues while executing scripts


Hi Team,

I have stored some links in excel and then fetching that links and launching browsers and executing the script is not working till browser lauching was executed fine after that script was not working. I have attached the script and let me know 

Here my script was just I was done for page down using keys




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    Example code of lunching the browser and navigating to the URL,


    I suggest you indent your coding first. Then debug your code, step through each line of code, looking at the value of 's' and see how the browser is being launched.

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      I have already done what you said the s value is fetching from excel
      sheet but it will not storing in page variable. The exact pine is

      Let page=sys.Browser(). Page(s)

      Here, s value is link fetched from excel sheet and page value is (object)
      so only it's not executed. Help me regarding this