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4 years ago

Stress Test API - Ramp up settings and execution issues

Hi all,

I created a Stress Test in LoadUI pro (ReadyAPI 3.3.1) for a test case which has a DataSource and 7 API methods. the datasource is an excel sheet with 70 inputs for the 7 methods.


We are licenced to max 100 VU (part of our ReadyAPI suite) and I want to stress test from 1 - 100 VU where possible.

How can I set the "Base VU" and the interval to increment by 5 VU's?


I have included image of setup below in ReadyAPI.

When I run this test it appears in our New Relic tool that we are only Load testing. do we need to extend our licences to fully stress test? How can I ensure the setup is correct that it:

- Base VU is 1

- increments by 5 VU

- increments every 10 mins by this 5 VU





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    4 years ago

    Thank you Alex!


    Hi davecoleman, please check out this help topic to find info on using more users than licensed. Let me quote:


    If you add to your test more concurrent virtual users than your license supports, LoadUI puts the “extra” virtual users in a queue and simulates them only if the license allows. If you experience this behavior, consider upgrading your license to another one that supports a greater number of simultaneous virtual users.



    And, this article might be of interest as well, it speaks of Stress Testing


    Creating stress tests usually requires more virtual users than it is available for the Base (Free) LoadUI license. So, you need a LoadUI Pro license.



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