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6 years ago

Is Testcomplete compatible with Angular Material?

I have this html , taken from 


To see the rendering of the code below go to


    <mat-select placeholder="Favorite food" [(ngModel)]="selectedValue" name="food" role="SELECT">
      <mat-option *ngFor="let food of foods" [value]="food.value">
  <p> Selected food: {{selectedValue}} </p>
  <h4>native html select</h4>
    <select matNativeControl placeholder="Favorite car" [(ngModel)]="selectedCar" name="car">
      <option value="" selected></option>
      <option *ngFor="let car of cars" [value]="car.value">
  <p> Selected car: {{selectedCar}} </p>

when I spy this object it finds all the panels for the <div class...> objects but doesnt recognize the <mat-select class...>  but it  correctly identifies native html select <select> with wSelectedItem property .


Does Testcomplete not support custom html tags? Or is it somehow possible to add those custom html tags to the object spy

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