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7 years ago

Is it possible to use JEDI through TestComplete to manage scripts\keywordtests?



Just a quick question really...


Our current process for backing up script versions and managing old versions is quite cumbersome. I understand that TestComplete has some level of integration with various Source Control versioning software.


We currently use JEDI VCS for source code versioning of our development code base and I wanted to know if anybody out there in the TestComplete community is currently using TestComplete integrated with JEDI VCS to manage previous veresions of their scripts\keywordtests.


Does anybody know if this is possible?

How easy and\or time consuming is it to setup?

How easy is it to use to manage versions of scripts\keywordtests? Including, check-in \ check-out (backup\restore)..


Also, is it possible to view diff files in the same way I know you can in applications such as Visual Studio etc to clearly see the differences between different versions of kwtests\scripts?


It would be mega helpful if it was possible and easy to use etc...


All help & advice much appreciated as usual! 


Thanks, Jenny

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    Thanks for the replies! That helps. We shall carry on as we were... using Jedi outside of TestComplete for managing scripts\kwtests.




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    There is no direct integration of TestComplete with Jedi.  However, like with any source control tool, you can establish check in/checkput/push/pull procedures outside of the automation tool.

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    Hi Jenny,


    Like Robert said... For example, in one of our projects we are using CVS. And, even though TestComplete has integration with this version control system (VCS), our preference is to use standalone checkin/checkout process but not from within TestComplete. So, I see no real showstopper if some VCS does not have integration with TC.