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2 years ago

Is it possible to run a test suite across multiple machines?

My project suite takes too long to run, so to reduce time I would like to be able to run my suite over multiple machines/VMs. In other words, I want to run a set of tests one after the other on whatever machine is free to use at that time.


For e.g:

Project Suite contains:

  • Test1
  • Test2
  • Test3

I have 3 machines in total:

  • Master - where I run the automation from
  • Slave1
  • Slave2

When I run the project suite from Master, Test1 starts running on Slave1, and Test2 starts running on Slave2.

Test3 will start running on whatever machine finishes first..


I have only seen support for parallel cross browser testing (i.e running the same test on multiple different setups at the same time), but nothing built in that can do what I have outlined above.


Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks 🙂

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      rraghvani wrote:

      See Parallel Testing


      Thanks. I have seen this doco page. It says "You can easily perform parallel testing with TestComplete" but then doesn't say how to actualy do it. It just provides links to Mobile or Cross Platform testing, neither of which I want to do. Another link is also there for Integration with CI, also which I don't want.


      It seems as though the only way to do something like I'm suggesting is to use Jenkins just for a testing job. But even then, I can only assign predefined jobs to different nodes/machines. I can't let the automation automatically decide which test to send to which machine.


      I hope what I'm saing makes sense?


      Thanks again! 🙂 

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    I understand what you are saying, but it's not a feature of TC.