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3 years ago

Is CBT can be integrated with TestComplete 15 version??

Is CBT can be integrated with TestComplete 15 version??

My script is created in TestComplete 15 version and i am unable to run my script on CBT. 

It is showing "Site can't be reached" page while running the test cases with CBT.

What can be the issue? Can you please help me. I am stucked in that from so long and

posted the same question many times. But didn't get answer yet.


Used #JavaScript for automation

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  • Hi dikshika114 


    Yes, you can run TC15 tests in CBT. You can see the requirements and a quick tutorial on how to run here :


    Could you provide some more details to help here : 

    1. Have you been able to run TC tests in CBT in the past?
    2. Are you able to login to
    3. Can you post a screenshot of the failing test log and/or the test you are trying to run?


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      Hi mikef 

      1. I have Started working with TestComplete from 15-20 days. So. doesn't try it before

      2. Yes. I can Login there to see the interactive view while test execution from test complete. Test Cases are created with JavaScript in TestComplete.

      3. Always it fails due to "Site can't be reached" issue. This page is displaying anytime while executing the script on CBT. That's why couldn't proceed to the next execution part. While everything is working smoothly on my system's browsers.

      Attaching Screenshots

      This page "Site can't be reached" is displaying anytime while execution of script on CBT. It's not fixed like it will display on click of sign in or it will display while navigating on URL after browser opened or it will be displayed while switching between tabs or while entering data in any text box.

      Can you please help me quickly because I am posting that question from so many days and didn't found any solution yet. Is there any other to get a quick help from Smartbear site????