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12 years ago

Integration IBM Doors - TestComplete

We are trying to integrate IBM Doors tool with SmartBear TestComplete, in the way that we can create our requirements in Doors,  then we export them in a format which will be read by a program developed by ourselves which its output will be a TestComplete mds file (which in fact it is an xml file). We have almost understood the whole structure of the file, but we have got one question, how it is calculated the signature of key property. For example how TestComplete creates the next hash? I think is using the property name, but I am not pretty sure and of course don’t know the algorithm used.


<Prp name="key" type="S" value="{9E69C763-EE05-4092-9F73-5D6CB450484B}"/>

<Prp name="name" type="S" value="Test Complete Initialization - REQUIRED"/>


Is there any way we can know it?


Thank you very much.