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12 years ago

Integrating test complete with team foundation server

Following are the issues faced while integrating test complete with team foundation server, which I have already share with you in my earlier mails.

Now when I am exploring more on your website I have observe following issues.


Issue 1:


Visual Studio Professional and Ultimate information





If you notice above screenshot, you have clearly mentioned that you either require VS 2010 Professional, Premium or Ultimate. In the same section we looked at Creating and Configuring Team Builds, where you have mentioned about how to create Build Definition and specify VSMDI file inside Build Definition.


Now, when we create Build Definition it does not allow us to select VSMDI file if we are using Visual Studio 2010 Professional.


In this link -



If you notice you have specified that Visual Studio 2010 Professional has limitation to select VSMDI file and attach it to build definition, now if you notice in above screen shot I have marked with purple that the page was updated on 16th Jan 2013.


Same page we took from Google Cache of 17th Oct 2012 -



Issue 2:


Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate requirement on Build Agent.




Above link has information about how to run Test on Remote Machine using TestComplete


In Above link you have not mentioned that we will require Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate on Build Agent, now you are justifying that you have not mentioned anything about Build Server or Build Definition on above link. But if we look at above link and above given issue 1 you have specified that VS 2010 Pro, Premium or Ultimate is required. But it doesn't work that way. We do need to go with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate only.



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