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4 years ago

Integrating Test Complete with Surround SCM for Source Control

Hey guys!


I'm trying to implement source control with Test Complete using Surround SCM, but I'm confused on what files need to be checked in. Based on these two links, and,

I understand that there are certain files that need to be uploaded to Surround in addition to the project file.

I was wondering if anyone could walk me through a couple of scenarios?


1. I want to get and run a project on a different machine. What files and folders would I need to get in order to run the tests?
2. Lets say the name mapping changed in my application. Specifically, the wndCaption. How would I modify and check in the new namemapping so that all the machines can have their namemapping updated?


Additionally, I was wondering what would happens if you just check in a project file. Will this couse TC to essentially have the instructions to run a test, but not know what the name mapping or checkpoints are?


Thanks in advance!